Hosting Events in Quito: How can I host my event at Casa Gangotena?

1 October, 2021 by José Ayerve0
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When it comes to finding the perfect space (and place) to host your small- to medium-sized event in Quito, it’s important to consider things like amenities, services, food and beverage, parking, and convenience. Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel in the heart of Quito’s old town is part of the city’s rich history and has everything you need to host an exceptional event for up to 50 people.

Casa Gangotena's spaces
(clockwise from top left) Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace, elegant dining room, anteroom, and salon bar

What types of events can I host at Casa Gangotena?

While the types of events you can host at Casa Gangotena are vast and varied, they will likely fall into one of these three categories:

  • Commemorations, Celebrations, and Social Gatherings
  • Weddings, Anniversaries, and Engagement Parties
  • Business Meetings and Corporate Events
Casa Gangotena exterior patio
The exterior courtyard, or patio, at Casa Gangotena

What is included when I host an event at Casa Gangotena?

When hosting an event at Casa Gangotena, the first thing to look at with our event coordinator is the space. We’ll talk about the different available spaces as we examine each event category. Next, you’ll need to determine what you would like your attendees to enjoy in terms of food and beverage. It’s a good thing we have a full-service bar and gourmet restaurant (with a dedicated catering team) to accommodate all your requests!

Of course, it’s not enough to simply provide your guests with somewhere to mingle and something to eat or drink; you want to really wow them with a level of service they won’t soon forget! Our team of bartenders, servers, and hosting staff are expertly trained in providing the highest quality service possible.

Casa Gangotena offers valet parking
Valet parking is a convenient and safe option for guests of Casa Gangotena.

Additionally, our hotel has valet parking, which means that those arriving by car won’t need to worry about a thing. They can simply pull up to the hotel entrance and our valets will take care of parking their vehicles in a nearby, safe and secure lot.

Commemorations, Celebrations, and Social Gatherings at Casa Gangotena

People attend a social gathering at Casa Gangotena's rooftop terrace
Casa Gangotena’s Rooftop Terrace is a terrific spot for your social gathering or small business meeting.

Let’s look at that first category of events, which includes commemorations, celebrations, and social gatherings. Envision your guests making their way up a wide spiral staircase or riding in an elegant elevator to the third floor. There, they step out and onto our incredible rooftop terrace where they are greeted by the friendliest staff, offered a refreshing cocktail or glass of wine, handed a delightful hors d’oeuvre, and welcomed by the sound of some charming music in the background. Sure, they’ll be thrilled with each of these elements, but add to this the incredible views of the surrounding city and Andes Mountains, and you’ll really understand why this is a perfect choice for your intimate event!

Casa Gangotena's elegant Crimson Room
Casa Gangotena’s elegant VIP Salon offers a formal yet warm atmosphere for any event.

Conversely, you can host a lavish dinner or cozy cocktail party in our stately VIP Salon, lined with plush curtains, finely finished interiors, decorative wooden moldings, and beautifully restored, century-old parquet floors from Belgium. The large dining room table comfortably seats over 20 people, though it can be removed and replaced with high-top tables dispersed about the room, should you wish to accommodate even more guests. Also, this room is equipped with a projector and speaker system if you want to offer any type of presentation.

Whether celebrating someone’s birthday, commemorating a colleague’s professional accomplishments, or congratulating a proud graduate, these two spaces are perfect for a small- or medium-sized group. They can each host some light music, whether performed live or played through a small- or medium-sized sound system, and both areas can be reserved and cordoned off, so as to avoid any interruptions to your event.

Weddings, Anniversaries, and Engagement Parties

A couple exchanges vows in Casa Gangotena's atrium-style Loggia
A couple exchanges vows in Casa Gangotena’s atrium-style Loggia.

These days, more and more spouses-to-be are opting to exchange nuptials in smaller and more intimate settings, with close friends and family. Casa Gangotena is a beautiful option for this type of wedding. Our atrium-style loggia offers plenty of space, an abundance of light, orchids, bromeliads, and more to give your ceremony that special touch. There is even a row of elegant columns should you wish to further frame your event space.

Newlyweds take photos in Casa Gangotena's outdoor courtyard.
Newlyweds take photos in Casa Gangotena’s outdoor courtyard.

Just off the rear side of the loggia, a set of doors opens onto the gorgeous outer courtyard. Here, eye-catching topiaries, flowers, and shrubs are the perfect complement to the stunning original fountain that adorns the space. It’s a perfect spot for taking plenty of photos!

The Anteroom at Casa Gangotena
The Anteroom at Casa Gangotena provides just the right setting for a very intimate event.

Of course, anniversaries, engagement parties, and just about any other familial gathering you can imagine, can be hosted in any of these spaces that we’ve mentioned. That said, there are additional spaces you can explore for your event. For instance, there is a lovely anteroom just across from the spiral staircase that can be utilized as a small ceremony or memorial presentation space, or as an area in which to offer an engaging toast.

The beautiful Bar at Casa Gangotena
The Bar at Casa Gangotena is a fantastic setting for any social or informal business gathering.

And, when it comes to engagement parties, there are so many options. We haven’t even mentioned the Art Deco-style bar and its dynamite parquet floors! Imagine a classy salon bar with comfortable leather seating areas. The spaces are perfect for enjoying a delicious cocktail, offering up a toast, or even cracking the question! This spot is one to remember!

Business Meetings and Corporate Events

Whether hosting a small forum or press conference, pitching an idea or preparing a presentation for a group of potential investors, Casa Gangotena’s spaces, food, beverages, and service will help you set the right mood for a collaborative and engaging event. Elegant seating, tables, furniture, and all the AV support you need are things we’ll take care of when helping you plan your event.

Business Luncheon in Casa Gangotena's Crimson Room
Casa Gangotena’s VIP Salon is a great setting for any formal business luncheon.

The other thing to keep in mind when hosting your corporate-related event at Casa Gangotena is our fine reputation as the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Quito. This level of dedication to the experience of Quito’s remarkable heritage and the honor that comes with this distinction might just add a little something special to your event and impress your associates with the right amount of class.

How do I schedule and plan my event at Casa Gangotena?

If you’re interested in hosting your event at Casa Gangotena, we have a dedicated event coordinator that can give you detailed information about the various packages we offer or provide you with a customized quote depending on the size, date, number of attendees, and nature of your event.

Start planning your destination wedding in Quito!

Once you’ve reviewed the details of your event with our coordinator, Casa Gangotena will require a deposit to confirm and reserve the date and space. Part of the planning involves selecting the menu for your guests, deciding on the audiovisual components you may need, determining the layout of the space, and scheduling arrival times. Keep in mind you’re in good hands!

No matter the mood, whether serious, solemn, festive, or light, Casa Gangotena has the perfect space to match your event!

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