Best gourmet dining spots in Quito’s Historic Center

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Quito, Ecuador’s capital, is famous for its colonial architecture, rich history, and unique cuisine from indigenous, Spanish, and Afro-Ecuadorian influences. Dining spots in Quito’s Historic Center offer a unique gastronomic experience.

So, if you love good food and culinary adventure, you can’t miss visiting the Historic Center of Quito. Exploring the various food venues, traditional coffee shops, premium chocolate shops, and streets of conventional candy stores in Quito is a way to immerse yourself in a feast for the senses. Visiting these places in Quito is more than satisfying your hunger; it’s an opportunity to explore Ecuador’s culture, history, and unique flavors in one destination.


This list includes various venues with varying degrees of specialty. From cafés to high dining, you’ll find something for any occasion.


Casa Gangotena Ecuador tourist atattraction
Casa Gangotena Ecuador tourist atattraction


Discover the Flavors of History: Top Dining Spots in Quito’s Historic Center

1. Casa Gangotena Restaurant

Casa Gangotena Restaurant is located inside the Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel in the heart of the Historic Center of Quito, specifically in front of the Plaza San Francisco.

In terms of cuisine, Casa Gangotena Restaurant brings Cocina Mestiza, an offer based on using locally sourced ingredients to create innovative and flavorful dishes. The restaurant prides itself on providing a culinary experience that reflects the rich gastronomic heritage of Ecuador while incorporating modern culinary techniques and presentations.

Traditional dishes on the Casa Gangotena Restaurant menu include Locro de papas, ceviche, encebollado, and desserts, among many other delicacies.

2. Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa is in the Center of the Historic Center, in one of the tallest buildings in the old town. It offers a beautiful viewpoint of colonial Quito, allowing guests to admire the main monuments, historic buildings, and incredible churches with domes from its open-air terrace or the spacious windowed lounge.

Vista Hermosa features a menu of typical Ecuadorian dishes such as fritada quiteña, mote con chicharrón, humitas, and quimbolitos. Additionally, they offer dishes that go beyond traditional fare. Alongside various drinks and cocktails, visitors can indulge in the flavors of Ecuador while enjoying the stunning views. Moreover, a cafeteria section is available for those seeking lighter fare or a relaxing coffee break.

3. Hasta la Vuelta Señor

The restaurant “Hasta la Vuelta, Señor,” located in the Historic Center of Quito, offers an authentic culinary experience. The establishment honors the legendary figure of Father Almeida, a character from Quito’s colonial era.

The “Hasta la Vuelta, Señor” menu takes diners on a gastronomic journey through the most outstanding flavors of Ecuadorian cuisine. The restaurant offers various dishes to satisfy all tastes, from traditional to modern creations. Some of the most exceptional dishes include mote con chicharrón, empanadas de morocho y verde, llapingachos con huevos y chorizo, ceviche, locro de papa, and a variety of typical soups.

Encebollado Ecuador traditional food

4. La Purísima

La Purísima is an Ecuadorian kitchen with innovative ideas nestled in the heart of the Historic Center of Quito, situated within the courtyard of a typical colonial house.

Specializing in Ecuadorian cuisine, La Purísima stays true to its roots while infusing it with modern twists, innovative touches, flavor fusions, and new ingredients. At this restaurant, you’ll encounter dishes with unique names such as Torta negra de jueves santo, locro de chochos, and tigrillo, all of which celebrate Ecuadorian gastronomy in a conventional yet inventive manner.

5. Minka

Minka is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to producing the richest and finest chocolates in the country. This place is opposite Plaza de San Francisco, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of premium coffee and its various products, such as chocolate bars, snacks, and sugar-free chocolates for dieters. Also, going to this place is an enriching experience because they offer workshops and exhibitions about the products they manufacture; you will have a broader perspective because cacao is known as black gold.

6. Yumbos Chocolate

Located in front of Plaza de San Francisco, the elaboration of handmade chocolate takes place, as well as the processes of fermentation, drying, refining, and tempering of the beans. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious hot chocolate and several homemade desserts to conquer your palate. Here, you will learn about Ecuadorian chocolate’s distinctive flavors, textures, and aromas through gourmet experiences with tastings and workshops.

Chocolate tasting experience at Casa Gangotena - Boutique Hotel Quito.
A Symphony of Flavors Unveiled

7. Rocafuerte Street candy

Between Rocafuerte and García Moreno streets, you’ll find several establishments of handmade sweets. The aroma of the sweets will capture your attention, and you will not be able to avoid tasting these delicious products. Among the sweets that can find here are garrapiñadas, sweet beans, and melcochas.

The prices are affordable, so stop by this famous street and take some sweets home.

8. Cafetería Modelo

This renowned coffee shop in the Historic Center of Quito has been an icon since 1950 for its traditional cuisine. Its menu includes hot chocolate, Quiteño coffee, humitas, quimbolitos, sandwiches, and main dishes such as locro de papa, seco de chivo, and fruit-flavored ice creams made in Ecuador. During your visit to Quito, visit this cafeteria that is full of history and customs.

9.Casa Manuela

In the heart of the Historic Center is the house of Manuela Cañizares, which has been transformed into a magnificent restaurant. It offers only typical Ecuadorian food and a wide selection of drinks. It is possible to enjoy dishes such as empanadas bateas, locro quiteño, and typical food from the coast, such as ceviche jipijapa. In addition, there are unique dishes such as the delicious llapingacho, the famous cuy (guinea pig), and even crabs. All this awaits you in this historic house that you must visit.

Gourmet dishes from Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel Quito's restaurant.
Savor the flavors of Casa Gangotena.

10. República del Cacao

This emblematic brand of Ecuador has turned cacao into a genuine and high-quality product. Although there are other places in Quito, this is the most prominent in the city’s center, where you can enjoy high-quality cacao in various dishes such as ice cream, desserts, drinks, and chocolates.

It would help if you visited this place for an unforgettable experience and, above all, to enjoy chocolate with stunning views of the historic center.

11. Heladería San Agustín

This restaurant, the oldest in the Historic Center, has operated since 1858 and offers various tasting options. Traditional dishes include churrascos, cariucho, seco de chivo and guatita. Their paila ice cream is the highlight of the place, and they also provide traditional sweets that can be purchased on the spot.

12. Chez Tiff & Crustum

Since 2002, this space in Quito has been dedicated to producing chocolates and confectionery, offering exclusive and carefully crafted artisanal products. One of its distinctive features is the explanatory showing, where expert showcase the process of making the products step by step.

Delightful desert at one of the best dining spots in Quito's Historic Center
Delightful desert at one of the best dining spots in Quito’s Historic Center

13. La Caponata & Runa Tulpa Andina (Casa Santa Bárbara)

The aim of this restaurant in the Historic Center of Quito is to prepare typical Ecuadorian food with a focus on traditional fairs that cater to all dietary needs. The menu includes appetizers, traditional soups, signature dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Discover the Culinary Magic of Quito

We invite you to discover the culinary treasures of Quito’s historic center! Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience as you explore the best gourmet restaurants in the city, where tradition merges with innovation to delight your senses.

Enjoy an unforgettable dinner in the heart of Quito, where history blends with haute cuisine to create moments that will last forever in your memory. We are waiting for you to share the magic of Ecuadorian gastronomy in the city’s Historic Center!

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