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As a guest of our hotel in Quito — located right in the heart of one of the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites — we want you to immerse yourself in the magic, traditions and captivating world of our hotel, as well as our surrounding neighborhood. Quito is a rich tapestry of history, art, culture, gastronomy, faith and fervor, and we want you to feel every thread!  

We’ve therefore designed a roster of special, cultural experiences for you to choose from. All of them take place either in the hotel or very close-by.  

Want to explore the Old Town on your own?

A Deep Dive into Quito Culture

Uncover our Mansion’s History and Marvel at the Views from our Terrace

Step back in time to explore our historic mansion, once the home of one of the city’s most prestigious and wealthy families. In your host’s company, we’ll let you in on some Gangotena family myths and legends while recounting the illustrious people who called the mansion home. Reaching the third floor, learn more about the stunning 270º views of Quito’s historic center, brimming with churches and convents, squares and daily life, amid a backdrop of dramatic mountains, cupped by the jagged peaks of the Andes’ “Avenue of the Volcanoes.”

A Voyage Through Time and Space at Casa Del Alabado Museum   

We have an exclusive arrangement with this stunning museum, just across from the hotel: our guests gain free entry and a free guided tour of its collection.
The Casa del Alabado (House of the Prayer) is a superbly-restored 16th century mansion, today converted into a world-class archeological museum. Interestingly, the collection of pre-Columbian art and artifacts isn’t arranged chronologically or even by civilization. Instead, it’s organized by theme, giving the visitor a greater insight into our common concerns and dreams as humans over millennia.

Learn the Secrets of our Cocina Mestiza!

Join us for a cooking class in the company of our chef. He’ll share his knowledge of Ecuador’s incredibly diverse ingredients and fascinating culinary traditions. You’ll prepare one of our intriguing dishes from our award-winning “Cocina Mestiza” together. ¡Buen provecho!

Dive Into the World of Ecuadorian Chocolate

This experience will leave you enamored with Ecuadorian chocolate and full of endorphins! Inside a charming nearby chocolate shop, you’ll discover the secrets behind what makes our cacao unique. We want this experience to be complete, so you’ll customize your chocolate bar, selecting a range of ingredients according to your preferences. It’s a chance to explore the flavor and art of tasting chocolate and make the connection between the heart of Quito and the history and people of the Amazon.

Legends & Secrets of the Historic Center

Our guided experience invites you to wander through our captivating, history-laden cobbled streets, explore beyond the mansions and churches’ facades, and discover the often-hidden, compelling human stories that lie beyond. You’ll learn about the legends and myths of our emblematic neighborhood and the natural and fictional characters that make our historic center such an iconic place in Latin America. Come and discover the magic the Old Town of Quito has in store!

Renew your Energy with an Ancestral Cleansing

Discover our Andean world through a truly authentic experience. The Olympia is an Andean energy equilibrium therapy practiced since time immemorial by women healers. First, we’ll take you to meet a limpiadora in her place of work, where she’ll share the secrets of her art with you, employing dozens of medicinal plants and herbs. Back at the hotel, you’ll experience the limpia in the intimacy and comfort of your room. This unique experience will leave you with a deep feeling of peace and tranquility, connecting you with the spiritual and healing roots of the Andes.

Exclusive nighttime visit to the Mystical Cupolas and Towers of the Old Town

We invite you for a unique night-time visit, available to very few visitors to the capital, to one of our nearby churches’ domes and towers to soak up the magic of Quito’s Old Town from a different perspective. Our after-hours visits feel mystical as we enter the realm of their Colonial-era enclosures, wander the quiet corridors, and make our way up creaking staircases to their rooftops, where stunning views of the floodlit historic center await.

All experiences should be reserved 48 hours in advance and are subject to the availability of our local partners

We can also arrange longer explorations of the city or further afield. See Quito tours.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do activities at Casa Gangotena cost?
Casa Gangotena offers various activities for its guests. If you would like to know more, contact a destination expert.

Experience the joy of our child-friendly activities, from cooking classes to chocolate tastings, which are sure to keep your kids entertained and engaged. Find out more! 

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