Everything you need to know about hosting a destination wedding in Quito

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Few things bring such joy as a wedding – the perfect occasion to join friends, family, and acquaintances in celebrating a loving relationship. In this day and age, weddings, engagement parties, civil ceremonies, and anniversary parties tend to gather a group of close friends and family against the backdrop of a memorable location. In fact, location is perhaps one of the most important considerations when planning your wedding-related event.

Casa Gangotena wedding venue in Quito
Casa Gangotena, with its beautiful spaces, is an ideal spot for a destination wedding in Quito.

 Destination wedding in Quito

There are several advantages to celebrating your wedding in Quito’s famed Historic Center. A romantic occasion like this merits an equally romantic setting; one full of inspiring sights, elegance, and the perfect blend of traditional and modern influences.

UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site and Latin America’s most well-preserved historic quarter is also a place full of history, for centuries, regarded as one of the most exclusive places to live. As a result, many families constructed their homes here in order to be surrounded by beauty and pomp on display around every corner. Numerous plazas, decorative fountains, and ornate churches are complemented by incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the ever-expanding city to the north, east, and south, not to mention the glow of unforgettable sunsets!

Now, it’s not enough to simply select Quito’s Historic Center as your wedding destination. It really is important to pick the perfect wedding-related venue, and, in the heart of the Old Town, there is one hotel that truly stands head and shoulders above any other in the city.

Casa Gangotena exterior patio
The exterior courtyard, or patio, at Casa Gangotena

More than a hotel, Casa Gangotena’s variety of settings are perfect for any wedding!

Welcome to Casa Gangotena, one of the city’s most historically significant buildings, situated along one end of the iconic San Francisco Plaza. This former 1800s mansion-turned-boutique-hotel was rebuilt in the early part of the 1900s by a pair of brothers from Italy, architects Paolo and Antonino Russo, inspired by French, Italian, and Art Deco styles. The mansion would eventually be sold and renovated in the early 2000s. It would reopen in 2011 as Quito’s first luxury boutique hotel. [You can read about the history of Casa Gangotena here.]

With so much of its original vision carried forward into modern-day, intricate, subtle, yet impactful design elements are on full display throughout the hotel, echoing the attention to detail paid by every member of Casa Gangotena’s dedicated team. These details can and do make all the difference in ensuring that your wedding is everything you want it to be and more! And when it comes to beautiful spaces, the hotel has every kind of setting you could wish for!

Spaces within Casa Gangotena

Casa Gangotena has a wonderful variety of areas that may be used for wedding events. In addition to the three main spaces that we’ll talk about below, the hotel has quite a few additional spaces like the living room located between the Reception and the Loggia, and the classic salon bar located next to the elegant dining room.

Casa Gangotena's spaces
(clockwise from top left) Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace, elegant dining room, anteroom, and salon bar

The Rooftop Terrace

In a topographically dynamic city like Quito, one of the enormous advantages that many buildings have is a rooftop from which to view all the truly spectacular surroundings. It’s nice when you happen upon one that is being utilized as a place where people can gather and enjoy the view, the weather, and one another’s company.

Casa Gangotena rooftop terrace view
Casa Gangotena’s outdoor terrace is one of the city’s premiere rooftops.

Casa Gangotena’s rooftop has been officially recognized as one of the city’s most beautiful azoteas. It is the perfect spot for taking unbelievable photos. You can select the layout with just the right amount of comfort and privacy should you choose to utilize this space for your ceremony, photoshoot, or reception. Background music sounds particularly pleasant on the rooftop, especially some nice jazz or lounge. And, regardless of the weather, Casa Gangotena is committed to making your wedding truly memorable.

The Loggia (or Interior Courtyard)

Casa Gangotena Loggia
The Loggia at Casa Gangotena is an airy space full of light, plants, and comfortable seating areas.

When you first walk in and make your way through the hotel, you come across a large open space, with a glass dome, like an atrium. This is Casa Gangotena’s Loggia or interior courtyard –a beautifully decorated space filled with orchids and plants, comfortable furniture, and tons of light. Within the loggia there is a section, naturally separated by a series of columns along the windows facing the outer patio. This magical interior space is another alternative for your wedding ceremony with all the comfort and privacy you need.

VIP Salon

Casa Gangotena Crimson Room
The VIP Salon at Casa Gangotena is a perfect intimate space for hosting a wedding event, dinner, or cocktail party.

If you’re looking for an intimate and elegant setting for your wedding, consider the VIP Salon. This 538 sq ft (50 sq m) room features the original inlaid wood flooring brought over from France while the structure was being rebuilt in the early 1920s. Prior to the most recent renovation, this space functioned as a library. Today, it retains the same gentle and formal warmth; a wonderful backdrop for any exchange of vows.

What is the best time of day to host my event at Casa Gangotena?
Anytime is a great time to host your wedding event at Casa Gangotena. That said, between 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., the sun begins to set and the view from the Rooftop Terrace is particularly spectacular. Within the hotel, the Loggia has wonderful light during mid-morning hours. Conversely, the VIP Salon has a classic feel that works great at any time of day!

Food & beverage designed to accommodate every guest!

One of the advantages of hosting your wedding at Casa Gangotena is having access to the notable culinary creations of its renowned chef and the restaurant team. Their specialty is a unique take on traditional Ecuadorean cuisine, something called Cocina Mestiza, which celebrates the nation’s indigenous roots and Spanish heritage. Having this amazing and delicious resource readily available for your event means that the food you serve to your guests doesn’t need to travel, and, best of all, your wedding will be a truly distinct occasion!

red tuna casa gangotena restaurant quito fine dining
Casa Gangotena’s Cocina Mestiza cuisine is a modern and creative interpretation of traditional Ecuadorian fare.

When meeting with the Casa Gangotena team to discuss your event, you will be presented with various menu options. You can select anything from a simple cocktail-style menu to a full, multi-course seated meal. You’ll also be invited to sample and discuss various menu options with the chef and our in-house event planner. Remember, you can modify the menu as you’d like. The idea is for you to get a feel for the flavors, quality, and presentation.

Bar Selection and Corkage Fees

We have a wide selection of spirits, wine, and beer, along with all types of refreshing beverages, in a range of prices. Another distinguishing factor that really sets this venue apart is that Casa Gangotena has its own mixologist, who has created several signature cocktails that can add a special touch to any wedding. You can sample a number of these cocktails when you come in to taste the different food options.

Casa Gangotena's signature cocktails and beverages
Casa Gangotena has a wide array of signature cocktails and beverages.

Also, keep in mind that some of our beverage packages include an unlimited option, or, for an additional corkage fee, you can bring in your own wine or liquor to be served to your guests by Casa Gangotena’s bartending team.

Special menu items

There is a special kids’ menu with plenty of reliable options. And, for those guests who are vegetarian, vegan, or who follow a special diet that takes into consideration their food allergies or intolerances, the chef and their team are trained and ready to provide delicious alternatives. In some cases, these items can mirror the main selections by merely replacing some key ingredients with suitable and nutritious alternatives. In other instances, they can offer you specially prepared items.

Additional Questions and Considerations

Do wedding packages come with the use of a hotel room or suite?

We’ve mentioned the unique spaces at Casa Gangotena, but we haven’t talked about where the soon-to-be spouses can get ready for the ceremony. We understand how important it is to have access to additional space on such an important day, a place where you and members of your party can prepare, get dressed, freshen up, or just take a little space for yourselves.

Casa Gangotena's Plaza View Room
Casa Gangotena has a variety of rooms available for day or evening use.

If you want your wedding to be even better, Casa Gangotena has the ideal spaces with which to make that happen. When discussing your wedding package with Casa Gangotena’s event team, ask about reserving a private room for use at whatever time you need, at a discounted rate.

Should the newlyweds wish to stay the night, they are given a very special rate that includes a sizeable discount, breakfast at the hotel, a guest-exclusive activity in the evening, late checkout (subject to availability), and a bottle of sparkling wine delivered to their room.

Photography for Your Event

A professional photographer is essential if you want to capture the highest quality memories and preserve them for yourselves and your guests. While Casa Gangotena doesn’t have a dedicated photographer on staff, they do have a select group of photographers that they call upon regularly. Our event coordinator can go over those contacts with you and make a solid recommendation.

Should you and your future spouse wish to do a photo session at the hotel on a different date other than that of your event, you can schedule and coordinate it to take place before or after your event, and there is no additional cost.

Decorating the Space

Creativity is alive and well today. Given how easy it is to share ideas online, the inspiration and process of decorating a space for your event can be quite exciting, but also a little stressful to coordinate. Thankfully, our team is ready to assist you with this.

The hotel’s elegant French-, Italian-, and Art Deco-inspired interiors are rather beautiful in their own right. So, when it comes to selecting your style of decoration, it is important to make sure it complements the concepts that already exist throughout the hotel. Of course, it is possible to bring in your own decorations, understanding these aesthetic guidelines. And our event coordinator can work with you to convey some additional options and help you choose things such as table linens, flowers, and more.

Did you know that Casa Gangotena has its own florist?
Flowers can make any occasion feel all the more special! Casa Gangotena has its own florist and you can figure out which flowers you want, their arrangement and design, with our event coordinator.

Can I have live music at my wedding?

Music can fill us with so many wonderful emotions. Having it performed live at an event often makes it all the more memorable. For an intimate event like yours at Casa Gangotena, our experience has been that live music in a simple, non-amplified set-up, works best. The spaces within the hotel really lend themselves to romantic performances, like those of a soloist, which can take your wedding to great new heights!

Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel
Early morning is a terrific time to enjoy Quito’s beautiful historic center.

Is Casa Gangotena handicap accessible?

Yes, Casa Gangotena is handicap accessible. The building underwent some additional remodeling as part of the restoration process, before opening to the public in 2011. The design of the hotel incorporates two elevators and some portable ramps that can be set up wherever there are just a couple of steps, in order to facilitate access for guests with wheelchairs or assistive equipment. Our spaces are ample and comfortable. Our corridors are rather wide. And, handrails feature along each of our staircases throughout the building.

Does the hotel have parking?

For guests with vehicles, stress-free, valet parking is available upon arrival.

Casa Gangotena is dedicated to making your wedding the very best it can be!

Everyone who gets married hopes for their special day to flow as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Having the Casa Gangotena event team ready to help with every detail, no matter how large or small, can provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that you need on this day. Our team’s dedication to service is at the heart of everything we do. This comes standard with every reservation, from the moment you initially contact us, all the way to when your event wraps up and you’re ready to begin the next adventure in your life, together with your new spouse.

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