Casa Gangotena’s 10th Anniversary: 2011 – 2021

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This month, we are celebrating Casa Gangotena tenth anniversary. In October 2011, the hotel’s handsome doors opened for the first time. I recall that day with great pride and joy. Following a labor-of-love restoration and transformation that took over three years, we finally stood before our dream come true: we had converted one of the most beautiful mansions in Quito into a majestic boutique hotel.

 We prepared this video to celebrate Casa Gangotena’s tenth anniversary!

No one doubts its wonderful architecture, its characterful interiors full of stories and legends, nor its outstanding setting on Quito’s most emblematic square. Bricks and mortar can be beautiful, inspiring even. But really, it’s the people who look after you who make the difference, who you’ll remember.

Over its first 10 years, Casa Gangotena has become a home for all those who seek new experiences, who delight in savoring new flavors, who enjoy the finer things in life. It has also become a place of happiness, toasts, vows, and laughter, where friends, couples, and families come together to celebrate.

Today I want to thank and congratulate every member of our team. All have contributed, one way or another, through thick and thin, to where we stand today. The prestigious awards we’ve received nationally and internationally are a reflection of our team’s ethos of excellence, while the smiles on our guests’ faces, our ultimate reward.

Casa Gangotena tenth anniversary

Thank you, trusted partner, for being part of Casa Gangotena’s inspiring story over the last decade, for helping the hotel become a symbol of quality, a beacon of pride, an ambassador for Ecuador’s identity and spirit. We look forward to welcoming you, very soon.

Here’s to the path we’ve traveled together and to many more years to come!

firma paulina burbano lara

Paulina Burbano de Lara

Executive President

Travelers exploring the unique landscape near Finch Bay, showcasing the luxury experiences offered by the Gangotena Boutique Hotel network in the golden triangle.
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