Why dine at Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant?

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Why dine at Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant? Situated in San Francisco Plaza, Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant offers a unique experience of Quito and the cultural diversity of Ecuador in each dish. Its concept, cocina mestiza (or mestizo cuisine), explores the richness of cultural influences that have come to define Ecuador’s remarkable culinary offerings. And, while the elegant dining room is a perfect spot for exploring the numerous items on the menu, the hotel offers even more spaces–and more reasons–to visit and dine within.

Cocina Mestiza (Mestizo Cuisine)

Casa Gangotena’s menu is designed around something we call cocina mestiza (mestizo cuisine). More than just a tribute to the indigenous and global influences embodied in Ecuador’s diversity of cuisines, the concept of cocina mestiza celebrates ingredients grown, harvested, farmed, and fished throughout the country’s unique regions. Traditional dishes are deconstructed and reimagined using contemporary techniques that allow you to experience exciting combinations of flavors and textures in new and creative ways.

Why dine at Casa Gangotena's Restaurant?
Why dine at Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant?


For centuries, flavors have been concocted and perfected at San Francisco Plaza. The aromas that still emanate from different spots around the plaza (including Casa Gangotena) offer evidence of its history, which is still very much alive. Mestizo cuisine borrows from this exuberant setting and offers an experience with each dish. At the heart of Quito, this neighborhood has seen it all–as both marketplace and a stately plaza. And what’s more? The menu at Casa Gangotena, featuring mestizo cuisine, is the perfect tribute to all of this richness.

Upgrade your stay in Ecuador. Live an authentic experience from Quito’s historic center!

Multiple Dining Areas

Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant is a gastronomic sanctuary that shares its intimate and attractive spaces with the hotel. The rooftop terrace on the third floor boasts incomparable views of the impressive San Francisco Church and Plaza. The inner patio, or loggia, is full of awe-inspiring orchids highlighting the rich flora of Ecuador. The glass ceiling in this space allows guests to keep tabs on the sun, clouds, and stars that fill the sky throughout different moments of the day.

Why dine at Casa Gangotena's restaurant
You can enjoy your meal in several of the available areas in our hotel, including our inner patio.

Where the inner patio is light and sunny, the bar – adjacent to the main dining room, with inlaid wood floors – is sophisticated, intriguing, and cozy. Mellow lighting makes this the spot for enjoying an intimate conversation and a signature cocktail. For special events, family gatherings, and such, the Crimson Room is a perfect space in which to gather. Inlaid floors, wooden trim, a marble chimney, and warm scarlet walls all grace the Crimson Room with tons of character. The high ceilings here are similar to the beautiful high ceilings and trim that grace the main dining room. This classic dining room is both elegant and light, enhancing the culinary experience and going well above and beyond the ordinary.

Valet Parking

San Francisco Plaza, as well as the Historic Center of Quito, are some of the most visited and transited places in the city. Beautiful narrow streets line the Historic Center; however, these can make getting around in a vehicle, not to mention parking, rather difficult. Enter: Valet Parking at Casa Gangotena. This is one of the most convenient and comfortable features offered to those who wish to dine at the restaurant. An easy, stress-free, and safe parking experience guarantees diners plenty of time and space to enjoy their meal without having to deal with parking in the Historic Center.

Valet Parking at Casa Gangotena
Our service provides valet parking at a minimum cost.

Extended Hours

Quito is not a particularly “late-night” kind of town, and restaurant hours throughout the city reflect this. Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant, however, offers an alternative on cold Andean nights, especially on Sundays, when virtually every other establishment shuts down, without fail. It is a schedule that welcomes you, whether early bird or night owl; breakfast begins at 7 a.m. and dinner extends to 10 p.m. Both morning and night are ideal times to enjoy the charming atmosphere inside, while the rolling fog takes over the surrounding streets.

Regular Meal Hours:

Breakfast: 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Lunch: 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Dinner: 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

During other hours, food may be ordered from an alternate menu, available in our bar. Room Service is available 24 hours a day.

Cocktail Preparation at Casa Gangotena's Bar
Our expert mixologists are trained to prepare unique cocktails with local flavors.

What is Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant dress code? – At Casa Gangotena, we don’t have a dress code! We strongly recommend you dress as comfortably as possible for you to enjoy the wonders of Quito’s Historic Center before or after your visit our restaurant.


Just as the hotel combines different styles of architecture harkening back to Ecuador’s rich past, Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant celebrates either a holiday- or regionally-inspired dish each month. In particular, these are dishes focused on a national holiday or festive tradition. Innovating and updating this classic fare requires a delicate and savvy touch. The restaurant’s gastronomic offerings traverse several centuries in terms of traditional inspiration. The result is both a monthly special, presented by the chef, that feels new and fresh, and a menu that continuously offers something creative and exciting.

andean salad casa gangotena restaurant quito ecuador dining
Our signature Cocina Mestiza offers an exquisite combination of Ecuador’s traditional cuisine with innovative gastronomic techniques.

The restaurant offers patrons a variety of daily specials. Whether they be discounts for folks celebrating a birthday, or Monday specials (a good day to pamper yourself), each day at the restaurant offers something unique. This makes Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant a destination for those who want to get the most bang for their buck in a plush setting with the best service. So, consider yourself invited to sample the experience for yourself!

Friends at Casa Gangotena's terrace
Our terrace has a magnificent view of San Francisco Plaza and other of Quito’s Old Town iconic landmarks.


Being that Casa Gangotena is situated in the heart of Old Town Quito, you couldn’t ask for a more ideal location. The beautiful interiors of our multiple dining spaces are as elegant as the setting that surrounds the hotel. This is because the essence of the historic center that surrounds us is wholly celebrated in every detail of our restaurant, from our flavors to our presentation, from the lighting and ambiance to the delicate charm of our gracious staff. This place is not just any spot, it is the spot.

Welcome to Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant. Enjoy!

How do I get to Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant? – Though it’s fairly easy to get to Casa Gangotena from any point in Quito, here you can find directions that will help you reach our restaurant:

Casa Gangotena is more than an exquisite restaurant, it’s also one of the best located hotels in Quito. Make your stay in Ecuador’s capital a memorable one!

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