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Ecuador has a terrific year-round climate in each of its four regions. Ecuador’s four regions include the Sierra Region (highlands/Andes Mountains), Amazon Region (rainforest), Coastal Region (lowlands/cloud and rainforest), and Insular Region (Galapagos Islands). Each region experiences two main seasons marked by less or more precipitation; in other words, a dry season and a humid (or rainy) season making it the best time to visit Ecuador. Depending on the region, the humid season can be significantly warmer, as is the case in Galapagos.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is relatively close to the United States—only around 1,700 miles (2,736 kilometers) from Miami. The city is nestled high in the Andes Mountains, surrounded by several peaks measuring over 13,100 feet (4,000 meters), like the Cotopaxi Volcano. Quito’s old quarter is probably the most significant in Latin America, not just because of its size but because of its architectural landmarks. As a result, Quito offers a wide range of cultural, academic, and recreational activities.

Ecuador has excellent weather all year long, making it a great travel destination and a perfect place to visit anytime!

quito landscape clear day volcanoe

Dry Season

The dry season, which features clearer skies and high winds, generally lasts from June to the end of September. The higher the altitude, the cooler the temperatures. At an elevation of 9,350 feet (2,850 meters), Quito, the capital of Ecuador, experiences its dry season during these months. On the other hand, August through December are usually the driest in the Amazon. The Coastal Region (which features the popular port city of Guayaquil) can be a little chilly and overcast from June to December during the dry season. Here, August and September are often regarded as the coolest months. As for the Galapagos Islands, dry season there lasts from June to November.

The dry season would be the best time to visit Mashpi Lodge, which is teeming with a variety of flora and fauna!

Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador
Mashpi Lodge


The best time to visit Ecuador is when daily temperatures in the Sierra Region range from average 58.2°F (14.6°C). That said, the temperature here varies quite dynamically, with lows typically around 47°F (9°C) and highs around 68°F (15°C). Hail is not an uncommon phenomenon in this region.

Did you know…?
Record temperatures in Quito were recorded in April of 2023: a low of 32°F (0°C) and a high of 106°F (41°C).

The Coastal Region sees temperatures in the north that average 78°F (26°C), while in the south, they hover around 73°F (23°C) making it the best time to visit Ecuador. Meanwhile, temperatures in the Amazon—where the climate tends to be hot and muggy—average 78°F (26°C), with an annual rainfall that might approach 197 inches (about 500 centimeters). The average temperature in the Insular Region (Galapagos Islands) is roughly 71°F (22°C) during the dry season.

Humid Season

As you can see, the four regions of Ecuador boast relatively distinct climates. The rainy (wet) season in the Sierra Region lasts from October through May. Though this time of year is marked by a greater likelihood of precipitation, it is not uncommon to experience bright, clear, and sunny days; and when it rains, it can be sporadic and sometimes brief.

In the rest of the country, the Coastal Region has a tropical climate with a rainy season that lasts from the end of December through May. During this stretch of months, the Amazon experiences high temperatures and frequent, heavy rainfall. Meanwhile, in the Galapagos Islands, this period marks the humid season, where vegetation is rather lush and green, and temperatures are at their warmest making it the best time of year to visit ecuador.

Cotopaxi Volcano
Cotopaxi Volcano


During the humid season, temperatures in the Sierra Region average about 58.2°F (14.6°C). The annual rainfall in the highlands occasionally falls below 20 inches (50.8 cm). Where the Coastal and Amazon Regions are warm, with slight seasonal temperature variations. The average temperature is 81.2°F (27.3°C). Most of the Coastal Region sees high humidity and gets more than 20 inches of rain annually.

The Galapagos Islands have a similar climate to that of the Coastal Region because of the Humboldt Current and see average temperatures around 77°F (25°C) during this season. These months are the best time to visit Ecuador because it’s often warmer and sunnier, with water temperatures reaching up to 75°F (24°C).

Things to Keep in Mind (Pack Wisely)

What to Pack  

When thinking about what to pack, consider factors, like sun, rain, humidity, and temperatures, read our packing list blog for more detailed info.

Protect yourself from the UV rays 

When traveling in Ecuador, it is important to wear sunscreen. Higher elevations have a thinner atmosphere, which lets more damaging UV radiation through. The fact that it’s on the equator should remind you to wear sunscreen.

When to Travel – Holidays  

Figuring out when to travel? Check out our holiday calendar.


Some travelers may experience altitude sickness due to Quito’s elevation, averaging roughly 9,350 feet (2,850 meters) above sea level. When you first arrive, you should allow a few days to adjust before exploring everything Ecuador has to offer. 

Basilica of the National Vow in Quito
The Basilica of the National Vow

The best time to visit Ecuador will depend on what you prefer. January through May, the off-season, will be substantially less busy than the peak season (particularly for flights and lodging). Due to Ecuador’s proximity to the equator, the weather is generally predictable, making it a great place to visit. However, doing some research before your trip is a good idea and can help you enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

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