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Historic street view of Hotel Quito with Casa Gangotena Boutique and iconic cathedral in the background.

Small towns vs big cities

Choosing between visiting a big city or a small town during a trip can be crucial in determining the experience you wish to have. Each destination type offers distinctive features that appeal to different travelers. There is no right choice – it depends on your preferences and travel objectives. We’ll

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Stunning antisana landscape at sunset, showcasing the beauty near Casa Gangotena, a premier Boutique Hotel in Quito.

Avenue of The Volcanoes in Ecuador: The Ultimate Guide

Ecuador’s “Avenue of Volcanoes” presents a stunning panorama, a geological masterpiece etched along the spine of the Andes Mountains. This captivating region, lined with towering, majestic volcanoes, forms a breathtaking corridor that showcases the raw and powerful beauty of nature. Why is it called the Avenue of Volcanoes? The “Avenue

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Breathtaking view of Quito with the Andes Mountains near Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel.
Kevin Wright

Things to Do in Quito

Find out about the most recommended activities when visiting the capital of Ecuador in this comprehensive blog covering things to do in Quito!

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