Where can I find the best breakfast in Quito?

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Casa Gangotena offers a buffet-style breakfast seven days a week. Diners are offered a wide range of options starting at 07:00 in the morning. Cereal, cold cuts, cheese, bread, pastries, fruit, yogurt, and a selection of juices are spread out across several tables. The addition of pancakes, granola, eggs, coffee, and hot chocolate makes this the best breakfast in Quito!

The Ideal Location to Start Your Day with the Perfect Breakfast

Casa Gangotena, which is located in the heart of Quito’s historic center, resonates with the charm of the fascinating cultural heritage site, with its French-, Italian-, and Art Deco-inspired interiors. The elegant dining room, with its soaring ceilings and sumptuous chairs, provides a beautiful setting. Windows look out onto the hustle and bustle of the morning activities a short distance away in the adjacent Plaza San Francisco, providing an area filled with soft morning sunlight. A team of waiters will tend to the amazed diners, offering coffee, chocolate, tea, juice and cocktails, taking orders for eggs prepared to taste and telling them more about the self-service buffet.

Breakfast at Casa Gangotena
The breakfast at Casa Gangotena is full of culinary delights

What is Casa Gangotena Restaurant’s dress code? – There is no dress code for Casa Gangotena Restaurant! We recommend you wear comfortable clothes to enjoy the wonders of Quito’s Historic Center before or after visiting our restaurant.

Coffee, Eggs, and Pancakes!

For many people, the day doesn’t start before the first cup of coffee. The good news is that here in Ecuador, the world’s most fertile volcanic soil provides us with the most delicious coffee you´ll ever try in your life! And you can enjoy as much as you like with unlimited free refills.

Next, choose how to have your eggs: scrambled, fried, poached, boiled or as an omelet. Bear in mind that the style of cooking at Casa Gangotena encourages guests to try modern takes on regional favorites. One such dish is tigrillo (a delicious mix of mashed maduro plantain and scrambled egg, often combined with cheese or pork).

Casa Gangotena's breakfast tigrillo
Our cuisine tries to incorporate local popular dishes into our menu.

And don’t forget to order some pancakes! These spongy delights make any breakfast truly special!

Otherworldly bread and pastry

Once you have ordered your eggs, juice or a signature cocktail, you are invited to serve yourself anything you like from the buffet. Many head straight towards the excellent selection of baked goods, including a variety of rolls, pastries and wholegrain bread prepared with ingredients including quinoa. Many of these are prepared with flour that has been freshly milled in the San Roque neighborhood, just a few blocks from the restaurant. If you like jams and preserves, blackberry and goldenberry are just two of the most distinctive and pleasant flavors you will find, which are ideal for completing your breakfast.

Best breakfast in Quito
Best breakfast in Quito

Champagne Breakfast

Just beyond the selection of breads and pastries you’ll find the continental section, with trays full of smoked salmon from Canada, Spanish jamon, French quiche, Spanish omelet, and cheeses from around the world. Mischievously lying in wait among these delicacies is a recently opened bottle of champagne, which one could add to peach juice to create a Bellini or drink neat: the bubbles will certainly add some sparkle to the morning. Is this the best breakfast in Quito? Of course it is!

The Best Breakfast in Quito

Holidays are, of course, an opportunity to enjoy culinary treats without worrying too much about their nutritious content. However, Casa Gangotena strives to include various nutritious options as part of its breakfast, including a rainbow of detox juices, with the deep purples of beetroot and bright greens of cucumber and celery next to a whole table dedicated to yogurt (natural and goat) and toppings including fruits, nuts, oats and granola, as well as a variety of fresh, tropical fruit from the region.

Fruit at Casa Gangotena's breakfast buffet
A wide range of locally-sourced tropical fruit can be found at our buffet.

How to Enjoy this Festival

If you happen to be in the beautiful city of Quito, simply head to Plaza San Francisco in the heart of the Historic Center, and your efforts will pay off. It’s home to the towering Church of San Francisco and the incredible Plaza de Piedra where, throughout the day, many traders, tourists and even the occasional pigeon will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

In-room Breakfasts at Casa Gangotena

There’s another way to enjoy the best breakfast in Quito: without even leaving your room. Casa Gangotena staff will be more than happy to organize this feast in your own room while you enjoy a magnificent view of Plaza San Francisco. Just inquire at Reception for more details.

Breakfast schedule: Daily 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

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