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Couple exploring near Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel in Quito.

Quito vs Guayaquil? Which City is Better for your Stay?

Which city should you visit in Ecuador, Quito or Guayaquil, and what unique experiences do each of these destinations offer? Explore the wonders of Quito and Guayaquil, two of Ecuador’s most enchanting cities. Quito, known as the “Carita de Dios” or Face of God, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Stunning antisana landscape at sunset, showcasing the beauty near Casa Gangotena, a premier Boutique Hotel in Quito.

Avenue of The Volcanoes in Ecuador: The Ultimate Guide

Ecuador’s “Avenue of Volcanoes” presents a stunning panorama, a geological masterpiece etched along the spine of the Andes Mountains. This captivating region, lined with towering, majestic volcanoes, forms a breathtaking corridor that showcases the raw and powerful beauty of nature. Why is it called the Avenue of Volcanoes? The “Avenue

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Traditional sweets from Quito showcased at Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel.
Christopher Klassen

Quito Old Town for Families

Quito old town for families, fun facts in each corner, traditional candy, museums, gaames and fun explorations through the city.

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