Where is the Best Breakfast in Quito? Casa Gangotena’s Feast for All

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Walking into Casa Gangotena’s restaurant at breakfast time is like stumbling into Willy Wonka’s factory for grownups. Tables piled high creak under the weight of everyone’s favorite juices, cereals, cold cuts, pastries, breads, yoghurts. If this is not the best breakfast in Quito, we will eat our hats. Well we would, if there was space to spare after all the pancakes, granola, eggs, coffee…

A Perfect Space to Start the Day

But before diving into pools of jams and juices, let us take a breath and start from the beginning. From 7 to 10 a.m., Casa Gangotena’s restaurant is the ideal place to kick off a day of Quito exploration, a space filled with light and the morning buzz of the adjacent Plaza San Francisco. It hums with quiet efficiency while waiters and waitresses never rush the wide-eyed breakfasters, allowing them to return time after time to the laden buffet.

Eggs, Pancakes and Coffee

Proceedings open with coffee of the fresh, steaming, high-altitude, Ecuadorian variety. Over the course of the meal, our cups will be topped up to our hearts’ content. Next comes a perusal of the menu, an encyclopedia of breakfast classics spanning pancakes and waffles and eggs in every form: fried, boiled, Benedict, as well as Ecuadorian-style tigrillo (a hearty dish of mashed plantain and scrambled eggs, reinvented by our chefs).

The Breakfast Buffet of Dreams

Once orders are placed for the freshly-prepared dishes, it would take unhuman self-restraint to resist the siren call of the buffet. The bread stand is a UNESCO-worthy wonder of a bakery: banana bread, flaky pastries and quinoa or wholegrain rolls baked fresh in-house, many using flours milled just up the road in the San Roque neighborhood. These must be eaten with homemade blackberry or goldenberry jam served in charming little jars. So charming, in fact, that guests have been known to guiltily pocket them for an afternoon snack.

Champagne Breakfast

Steps away is what we might call the Continental Section: a table shining with Canadian smoked salmon, Spanish serrano ham, quiche, potato tortilla, and cheeses from around the world. Hanging out nearby is a freshly-popped bottle of champagne (tip: serve with juice for a Bellini, or leave the bubbles untainted for a more sparkling morning). The best celebratory breakfast in Quito? Absolutely.

The Best Healthy Breakfast in Quito

But this isn’t just a feast for gluttons and revelers. Breakfast at Casa Gangotena has been carefully thought-out so that those who have over-indulged while traveling (or are keen to stick to their healthy lifestyle or diet restrictions) can find plenty to please them.

Next to the champagne is a rainbow of detox juices, deep purple with beetroot or vivid green with cucumber and celery. And there’s an entire table of yoghurts (natural or goat) with the added toppings of fruit, nuts, oats and granola; plus naughtier, chocolatey, special-treat cereals and chocolate milk.

Where to Begin with Such a Feast?

If you are not a guest of Casa Gangotena, it is worth making the pilgrimage to the Old Town hotel to try this morning extravaganza for yourself. And if you are a guest, you might find yourself extending your stay simply to sample every one of the delights of the best breakfast in Quito. Be sure to make a reservation.

In-room Breakfasts at Casa Gangotena

There’s another way to enjoy the best breakfast in Quito – without leaving your room. Casa Gangotena’s staff are delighted to set up the feast in your room, looking out over your spectacular view. Ask at Reception for more details.

Breakfast times: Daily 7 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Cost for Non-Guests: US$25 per person including taxes, children under 12 receive a 50% discount.

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