Where can I find the best breakfast in Quito?

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Casa Gangotena offers breakfast, buffet-style, 7 days a week! Beginning at 7 a.m., visitors and guests are treated to a spread like no other. Tables are piled high with a selection of juices, cereals, cold cuts, pastries, breads, and yogurt. Add to this numerous favorites like pancakes, granola, eggs, and coffee, and you have the makings of the finest breakfast in all of Quito!

The Perfect Breakfast Spot and Place to Start your Day

Casa Gangotena, in the heart of Quito’s old town, is surrounded by a charm that resonates throughout this fascinating heritage house with Art Deco- and French/Italian-inspired interiors. Its elegant dining room features high ceilings and comfortable seating in a beautiful setting. The space is filled with light, and mornings bring a buzz of activity, just beyond the dining room windows in the adjacent Plaza San Francisco. Meanwhile, waiters and waitresses greet wide-eyed guests, offering them coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juice, and cocktails, taking their order of eggs prepared as they wish, and inviting them to visit the buffet at their leisure.

Breakfast at Casa Gangotena
Breakfast at Casa Gangotena is a culinary delight.

What is Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant dress code?
At Casa Gangotena, we don’t have a dress code! We strongly recommend you dress comfortably, so that you’ll be ready to enjoy the wonders of Quito’s Historic Center before or after your visit to our restaurant.

Coffee, Eggs, and Pancakes!

For many folks, the day doesn’t begin until after their morning cup of coffee. Well, the good news is that here in Ecuador, the world’s most fertile volcanic soil gives way to some of the most delicious coffee you’ll ever taste! And refills are on the house.

Next up, choose some eggs pretty much any way you want them; scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, or as an omelet. Keep in mind that Casa Gangotena’s cuisine provides guests with the opportunity to experience modern takes on local and regional favorites. One of these is tigrillo (a hearty and delicious dish of mashed plantain and scrambled eggs, often combined with cheese and/or pork).

Casa Gangotena's breakfast tigrillo
Our cuisine tries to incorporate local popular dishes into our menu.

And don’t forget the pancakes! These fluffy favorites will make any breakfast feel extra special!

Breakfast Baked Goods, the Stuff of Dreams

Once your waitperson has taken your order, for things like eggs, juice, and special signature cocktails, guests are welcome to explore the buffet. Many immediately gravitate towards the exciting spread of baked goods including a variety of rolls, flaky pastries, and whole-grain bread prepared with ingredients, such as quinoa. Many of these treats are prepared with flour milled just up the road in the San Roque neighborhood. If jams and jellies are your thing, blackberry and goldenberry are just two of the distinct and exciting flavors available to round out your breakfast.

Breakfast buffet at Casa Gangotena
There’s plenty to enjoy at Casa Gangontena’s breakfast buffet.

Champagne Breakfast

Just beyond the bread selection is the continental section: a table shining with Canadian smoked salmon, Spanish serrano ham, quiche, potato tortilla, and cheeses from around the world. Adjacent to this you may find a freshly-popped bottle of champagne, you can mix it with juice for a Bellini, or leave the bubbles untainted for a purely “sparkling” morning. The best celebratory breakfast in Quito? Absolutely.

The Best Healthy Breakfast in Quito

Sure, vacation is often a time to indulge in any number of delectable meals without analyzing their nutritional content. However, Casa Gangotena does a great job with breakfast by offering plenty of delicious and nutritious options that include a rainbow of detox juices; deep purple with beetroot or vivid green with cucumber and celery. This, alongside an impressive array of yogurts with the toppings like fruit, nuts, oats, and granola in addition to fresh and exotic fruits from the region.

Fruit at Casa Gangotena's breakfast buffet
Fresh and exotic fruits are offered every day on our buffet.

Where to begin with such a feast?

Should you find yourself in beautiful Quito, just make your way to San Francisco Plaza, in the heart of the historic center and you’ll be happy you made the trek! This fascinating plaza is home to the imposing San Francisco Church, and the incredible cobblestone plaza that sees plenty of pedestrian (and pigeon) activity! It’s enough to put a smile on the face of any curious visitor.

In-room Breakfasts at Casa Gangotena

There’s another way to enjoy the best breakfast in Quito – without leaving your room! Casa Gangotena’s staff are delighted to set up a feast in your room, looking out over your spectacular view. Just inquire at Reception for more details.

Breakfast schedule: Daily 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

How do I get to Casa Gangotena’s Restaurant?
Though it’s fairly easy to get to Casa Gangotena from any point in Quito, here you can find directions that will help you reach our restaurant:
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