What can you do at Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace?

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Located on the top floor of Casa Gangotena and looking out over the historic center of Quito, the rooftop terrace boasts views that stretch out all the way to the majestic Basilica Church and beyond. An abundance of lush plants and shrubbery keep the atmosphere cool, inviting, and comforting. You can choose between a comfortable chair in the shade or a stool under the sun overlooking the San Francisco Plaza. Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace, in effect, can become whatever you want it to be!

The Rooftop Terrace at Casa Gangotena
Explore everything that Casa Gangotena’s rooftop has to offer.

Perhaps you’re looking for a quiet and unique place to finish some work during your business trip. The rooftop terrace is perfect then, as it offers both a secluded and relaxing nest to work in, undisturbed. You are able to plug in your laptop, tablet, or phone, connect to the internet and work at your leisure with the occasional distraction of a passing bird, waiter bringing your coffee, or a swish of the breeze. The handy call button (located on each table) allows you to summon a waiter when a drink or snack is required to help your productivity flow or when a cocktail is needed to celebrate finishing for the day.

Host and/or celebrate just about anything!

Of course, the rooftop terrace is an excellent place to impress a prospective client or a current business partner and to hold business meetings. Its mixture of glowing white architectural design and assortment of plants creates a spectacular scene that is guaranteed to awe even the most seasoned of executives.

Events on Casa Gangotena's Rooftop Terrace
The combination of Casa Gangotena’s view, its cuisine and cocktails make it a great place for gatherings and events.

Several different kinds of intimate events on the terrace can also be arranged through our Events Manager, whether you want a deeply romantic engagement dinner, unparalleled wedding photos, a fancy high tea birthday party, or a small get-together with friends. Delve into the flavors of the Cocina Mestiza while relishing the grandeur of the views. The range of Ecuadorian-inspired tasting platters include delicately fried green-plantains with pulled pork, Gangotena oysters, octopus and shrimp ceviche, and Juaniú guinea pig.

A place for a date? Of course. Picture this scene: the sun is setting, sprinkling red and blues over the magnificent mountains and the seemingly-unending city of Quito. You are sitting at a high-top table on comfortable stools overlooking the historic center in the shelter of Casa Gangotena. In front of you sits a large and uniquely delicious cocktail. The waiter is at your beck-and-call but you are also able to be quite alone with your loved one, enjoying your own little world from above. This is the location for a date.

Romantic Celebrations on Casa Gangotena's Rooftop Terrace
Quito’s Old Town is the perfect setting for a romantic celebration.

Admire the View and Get Acquainted with Quito, drink in hand!

Are you new to Quito? The rooftop terrace provides an excellent panoramic and birds-eye-view of the Old Town to help you get acquainted and orientated. A stroll around the terrace can show you what there is to see and do in close proximity. Many of Quito’s iconic churches can be spotted, too, including: La Merced, San Agustin, Santo Domingo, La Compañia, Santa Clara, and the colossal Basilica of the National Vow.

Sunrise over Casa Gangotena's Rooftop Terrace
Feel the breeze and sunshine of a morning in Quito at Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace.

No matter how you choose to spend your time on the rooftop terrace, you can always accompany it with a drink of your choice and a snack. The extensive drinks menu ranges from refreshing cold drinks and water to one-of-a-kind cocktails. The cocktails are lovingly prepared from scratch by the highly-trained staff and are made with locally-sourced ingredients. Each one has been crafted with a specific type of client and taste in mind, providing something for everyone whether they enjoy something sour or sweet, fruity or bitter. The wine list includes a wide selection that would appeal to any wine connoisseur, too. If you are after something non-alcoholic, our uniquely blended juices are both incredibly fresh and delightfully refreshing!

Get-together on Casa Gangotena's Rooftop Terrace
Anytime is a great time to gather with friends or family at Casa Gangotena.

Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace is able to offer breathtaking views, a relaxing place to chat with friends, or a great place to impress potential clients. Whether it’s relaxing in the shade, enjoying the delicious menu options, or simply watching the world go by in one of Latin America´s oldest and best-preserved capital cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the rooftop terrace is a unique, stunning place to create the memories that may very well last you a lifetime.

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