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Quito’s Metro Construction at Plaza San Francisco

We would like to inform you that the intervention in San Francisco Plaza, part of Quito’s most important public transportation project, the Metro system, has entered its final key phases. After 12 months of work, on 10 May 2017, the construction of the San Francisco Metro station grew more intense as contractors began an estimated 3-month project phase in which they will work with additional machinery to create the necessary infrastructure for the station. Later, the rhythm should slow as the site enters a final 3-month stage, which will end with the complete restoration of the iconic Plaza.

During this period, Casa Gangotena will continue to be fully operational.

Our monitoring committee will continue to follow progress on the construction and will make case-by-case decisions as to the need for any other measures (such as restriction of bookings of certain guest rooms) only if necessary.

We remind our distinguished clients that the hotel will be fully operational throughout these final key phases of construction and will continue, as always, to make every effort to ensure our guests’ comfort.

Temporary New Entrance to Casa Gangotena

Drinks to indulge

The Bar

A den for sophisticated travelers, the cozy bar is fitted with the softest leather stools and booths among tartan walls hung with original paintings from Casa Gangotena’s illustrious history. Secluded nooks and light-filled window seats, as well as the noble wooden bar itself are the ideal spots to indulge in an Old Fashioned or one of the specialty cocktails created by the charming bar staff.

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