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Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel


There’s a reason why the hotel retains its former name. First and foremost, the three-story restored mansion is a ‘casa’, a family home, an intimate and sophisticated space with all the facilities and services today’s most refined world travelers expect.

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The true icon of Ecuadorian hospitality

It’s a place for you to feel entirely at ease, whether you’re reading about the city’s history in the eclectic, palm-filled patio, unwinding in the cozy bar, or watching the sun set over Quito’s iconic skyline from the panoramic terrace, just as the Gangotena family did many years ago.

We believe in being ambassadors for Ecuadorian hospitality, allowing you the space to experience the hotel in your own way, while providing intuitive, world class service. And what better place to live this hospitality than against a backdrop of a fine mix of Neo-classical and Art-Deco style architecture, contemporary interior design, antiques, fine furnishings and quintessential comforts.

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Casa Gangotena occupies a pivotal place in Quito’s historic heart: the southwest corner of Plaza San Francisco. Its history stretches back to the time of the Incas. According to the early Spanish chroniclers, in the 15th century the square featured several Inca temples, one of them situated at the site of the present house. The large Plaza was used for centuries as a giant open-air market or “Tianguiz” for indigenous traders from several regions.

History of Casa Gangotena

In 1534, the Spanish conquistadors entered Quito, the Incas’ northern capital, and their religious orders soon set out to convert the hearts and minds of the local population. The Franciscan order occupied the whole western hillside of the ample square.

The importance of Plaza San Francisco throughout the Colonial period and the following centuries led several wealthy families to build their homes around it. The mansion that occupied the hotel’s present site later became the residence of several Republican-era presidents. Unfortunately, in 1914 a calamitous fire destroyed much of the house.

The historic mansion was completely rebuilt in 1924 by its owners, the Gangotenas, one of the capital’s leading families, whose members have included important industrialists, politicians, landowners, academics and even poets. The Gangotena family owned the stately home until the mid-2000’s when the current owners bought it with the goal of converting it into a world-class boutique hotel. In 1978 Quito was declared the first-ever UNESCO World Heritage Site city on the basis of its having the largest and best preserved Historic Centre in the Americas. A few years later, Casa Gangotena was included in the city’s cultural heritage inventory.

The third-floor panoramic terrace offers unrivalled views of the surrounding majestic volcanos as well as much of the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, a distinction the city earned in 1978 on the basis of its having the largest and best preserved Historic Centre in the Americas.

Art and Architecture

Several Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements dating from construction in the mid-1920’s now shine as never before. These include lovingly-restored original painted tin ceilings, wood panels, beautiful mirrors, painted murals and friezes.
The hotel is further adorned with fine antiques, including furniture, chandeliers and artwork. Elegant beige Egyptian marble adds warmth along its hallways, while striking white-with-black-vein Statuarietto marble clads every bathroom from floor to ceiling.


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At the heart of Quito

Casa Gangotena enjoys an incredible location right across from central Plaza San Francisco, just a few blocks from the gold-laden Jesuit church of La Compañía de Jesús, the City Museum, the Plaza Santo Domingo, the Presidential Palace, cultural centres and the bustle of Quito’s Old Town and historic quarters.

Quito Experiences

As a key piece of Quito’s history, Casa Gangotena is committed to both supporting and sharing with guests the city’s most idiosyncratic traditions, from tasting the country’s world-famous chocolate to exclusive tours of our neighbouring church and convent of San Francisco. Guests will leave with a sense of having discovered an enchanting, authentic side to Quito that for many will forever remain a secret.

Passionate Team

Our team is dedicated to providing the most relaxed and enjoyable experience possible to guests, going beyond the pale to ensure that we cater to their every wish. At Casa Gangotena, service is part of the five-star experience, and always delivered with an easy smile.

Part of the Community

We are conscious of our community and actively seek to cultivate a close relationship with those around us.

Since we purchased the property in 2009, and in conjunction with our neighbour, Casa del Alabado Museum, we began our involvement in several community projects, such as the award-winning Heritage Guardians initiative, which focuses on neighbourhood integration, promoting the value of heritage and traditions, and at the same time establishing ‘routes’ for visitors to meet locals and experience their daily rituals and activities.

The hotel is fitted with sustainable features that include solar panels to lower energy use for heating water and electronic room keys. Movement sensors are also employed throughout the service areas of the building. The hotel separates its waste and participates in local recycling projects.

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