Dog poo and other delicacies...

So, remember when I said don’t get carried away by the sweet smell of sugar?

Well, now we are going to do just that. For those with a particularly heightened “sweet tooth”, like me, the Old Town is the ideal place to try out unique traditional flavors (foto 1 y 2). Oh, and the “dog poo” here is exquisite.

Yeah, you read it right. We really enjoy our dog poo here.

Ok, don’t be alarmed...it’s not literally what it sounds like, “caca de perro”. Actually, it is sweetened roasted corn. But its appearance gave it its name. Paints quite a picture, huh? But don’t let the name (and appearance) steer you away from this delicacy. The sweet and salty taste blends in perfectly. Once you try one, you won’t be able to stop. All jokes aside, there’s no other dog poo like the one you try here.

Let’s not make this a long boring post full of words, because when it comes to food, there’s nothing better than a mouth‐watering photo to make you run out and buy some. So, here are some of the sweets you can try in Old Town:

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