Top things to enjoy during Fiestas de Quito

Fiestas de Quito

Who doesn’t love a good party? The first week of December Quito has a different feel to it, the people seem a little bit more cheerful and the streets a little bit more crowded. The hippest clubs have already announced weeks prior fiestas that will bound to amaze you and keep your feet on the dancefloor, party buses cruise around at night blasting Latin music and in Old Town a handful of daring carts speeds down the street…it’s Fiestas de Quito and the city refuses to sleep!

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5 Characters of the Old Town of Quito

5 Old Town Characters in Quito

In Quito’s Old Town, the streets, squares and shops are full of life ...and only when exploring them does one understand the color, the personality and the people that make up its essence. When you walk around there are certain characters or people who you will definitely run into in this World Culture Heritage city. They remain loyal to their craft or their activity. Here are just a few of them….

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Pre-Columbian treasures

Pre-Columbian treasures

In the streets Cuenca and Bolívar you can find one of the most beautiful museums in the city, the Casa del Alabado, a Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. It has over 5000 archaeological pieces of which 500 are exhibited permanently. The treasures this place contains appears evident right from the entrance of the restored seventeenth century colonial house, there is a small patio that inspires tranquility and once you enter the museum, the light dims and one is fully immersed in the pre-Columbian world.

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