What types of spaces does Casa Gangotena have?

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Sitting majestically on the corner of two of Quito’s earliest streets, each one dating back more than 400 years but now teeming with people from all ages and walks of life, and directly facing the capital city´s largest and oldest plaza that was once used as a trading square for local pre-Columbian cultures, Casa Gangotena is undoubtedly one of Ecuador’s most fascinating treasures– an impeccable tribute to by-gone colonial glories while uniquely representing modern luxury and comfort not seen anywhere else in the country.

The Spaces at Casa Gangotena

As you enter Casa Gangotena, the hustle and bustle of Quito’s historic district immediately fall away, replaced by cascading silence, soaring ceilings, flawless attention to detail, and unrivaled service; a veritable oasis of luxury in the heart of the capital. Awe soon gives way to intrigue, and a question invariably comes to mind: In addition to the sumptuous rooms available at Casa Gangotena, what other types of spaces are there at the hotel? 

The Powder Room

Just past the lavishly-appointed lobby lies the Powder Room, subtly decorated with Casa Gangotena’s trademark focus on perfection. Normally arranged as an additional seating area, the Powder Room can be set up for a variety of intimate events such as civil marriage ceremonies or corporate cocktails. Comfortably hosting up to 20 people, the Powder Room also offers exclusive restrooms for private events. 

Casa Gangotena's Powder Room
Magnificent view of Casa Gangotena’s interiors.

The Inner Patio

Just beyond the Powder Room lies the Inner Patio, a large open area bathed in natural sunlight hosting dozens of exotic plants, stunning tropical orchids, and sumptuous sofas and chairs – the ideal place to relax, enjoy a cup of perfectly-brewed coffee or a glass of vintage wine, and read a book, hold a conversation, play a game, and just unwind, a world away from the breakneck pace of life in the historic district of Quito. 

Casa Gangotena's Inner Patio
Casa Gangotena’s inner patio is the ideal spot for our guests to relax and enjoy nature.

The Inner Patio also hosts one of Casa Gangotena’s unique services: Ecuador’s equivalent to “High Tea”, a mid-afternoon culinary experience offering a selection of premium Ecuadorian coffees and infusions of herbs, flowers, and fruit, along with appetizers, sandwiches, and pastries, all carefully made using recipes steeped in Ecuadorian tradition with some intriguing modern twists. Available at a small additional cost, this delightful opportunity to taste new local flavors in a relaxing, airy environment should not be passed up. 

The Garden

At the far end of the Inner Patio lies a glass door leading to the lush open-air garden, home to dozens of perfectly groomed Andean trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants. The quintessential spot to enjoy an ice-cold beverage and relax in the warmth of one of Quito’s trademark radiant summer days, the garden also hosts the original fountain built on the property. The soothing sound of burbling water only adds to the idyllic nature of this part of Casa Gangotena 

Casa Gangotena's Garden
Several areas of Casa Gangontena, like its garden, were preserved from the original design of the house.

The VIP Salon

The VIP Salon extends itself along the far side of the Inner Patio. The lower half of the walls of the room are covered in original dark wood paneling while the upper half are covered in the deep rich hue that the room gets its name from. Historically the library of the mansion, the VIP Salon still has the library’s original hardwood floors, the intricate patterns of which have been painstakingly restored. The room is outfitted with a high-resolution projector, a large screen, and a state-of-the-art sound system, making it ideal for giving group presentations or briefings, hosting executive board meetings, and holding other events, including birthday celebrations, formal dinners and receptions, and cocktails. It can comfortably seat up to thirty people, while for cocktails it can host up to forty. 

Casa Gangotena's Crimson Room
At Casa Gangotena, you can feel the essence of Quito’s Old Town in every corner.

The Rooftop Bar & Terrace

The Rooftop Bar & Terrace is undoubtedly Casa Gangotena’s crown jewel. Offering spectacular sweeping views of the historic district of Quito and the valley´s dramatic geography, the terrace runs along the north and the west sides of the hotel´s rooftop. Incredible during the day and even more stunning at night, the Rooftop Bar & Terrace gives visitors a unique view of Quito regardless of the time of day. Due to cool southerly winds that occasionally blow in after the sun sets, the terrace is surrounded by invisible, waist-high glass paneling and has several moveable patio heaters that can be placed near tables. The terrace also boasts a long gas fireplace and retractable awning, providing further shelter and warmth in the corner where the two wings of the terrace meet. Each of the tables on the terrace comes with a button that can be used to summon one of Casa Gangotena’s attentive waiters when you are ready to order one of the bar´s signature drinks or dig into some of the bar´s delicious appetizers. 

Casa Gangotena's Rooftop Terrace
Enjoy the stunning view of Plaza San Francisco in Casa Gangotena’s rooftop terrace.

The Inner Terrace

Casa Gangotena’s Inner Terrace, facing south, is located on the second floor along the inner side of the hotel. While this quiet terrace does not offer the same panoramic views as the Rooftop Terrace, it is perfect for yoga and stretching in the morning, sun-tanning in the early afternoon, or enjoying a drink and relaxing later in the afternoonLooking south over the hotel´s parking area, it offers a gorgeous view of the statue of Quito’s iconic Virgin Mary, as well as several towering palm trees and other vegetation found in the historic district. 

Casa Gangotena's inner terrace seen from the garden
Casa Gangotena’s architecture blends in with Quito’s Old Town aesthetic.

The Bar

Entering the Bar at Casa Gangotena feels like stepping directly into the past. Maintaining the original flooring, wood paneling, and oil paintings of the historic mansion, the bar is furnished with sumptuous leather chairs and banquettes and offers different ambiances ranging from well-lit window seats to more secluded nooks. Enjoying one of our unique signature cocktails at the end of a day of adventure in historic Quito is tremendously gratifying!  For vacationers, business travelers, and locals alike, the Bar is the perfect place for swapping remarkable stories and bonding over shared experiences, forming friendships with like-minded visitors that go on to last a lifetime.  

Casa Gangotena's Bar
Drinks at Casa Gangotena’s bar are mixtures created and offered exclusively at our hotel.

The Restaurant

Located along the outer corner of the ground floor of Casa Gangotena, and flooded with natural light as soon as the sun comes up, the Restaurant combines past opulence with modern-day amenities and comforts, giving guests an altogether unique and refreshing dining experience in Quito´s historic district. The soft greens and ivory tones of the restaurant, coupled with its extraordinarily high ceilings and brightly-colored exotic flowers placed throughout, give it an especially airy, light feeling, making you instantly feel at home.

Casa Gangotena's restaurant
Taste the best of Casa Gangotena’s Cocina Mestiza in our restaurant.

Once the sun goes down, the restaurant is elegantly lit, creating an inviting environment carefully designed to pay homage to Casa Gangotena’s lavish origins. Inspired by Ecuador’s incredibly diverse, abundant, and flavorful ingredients and elaborate traditional dishes, the Restaurant offers a wide-ranging variety of incredible dishes that expertly mix traditional cuisine with cutting-edge cooking techniques, new ingredients, and unique touches to produce delicious meals at any time of the day. Even the dishware, made by a small local company, is customized. Given Ecuador’s volcanic origins, many plates and bowls are made from locally sourced basalt and granite, and each dish has a unique design – no two plates or bowls are the same 

Cocina Mestiza-style Pork Bondiola
Our chefs created a menu based on local delicacies and Ecuador’s most popular dishes.

Given its incredible history, Casa Gangotena offers many unique areas ideal for many different kinds of events the perfect place for creating vivid memories, forming lifelong friendships, and simply having a wonderful time in the very heart of colonial Quito.

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